About Us

About MA cool comforts are a leading multi-tasking repair and service hub with a one-stop solution for all AC and refrigerator services. We owe a prominent name to customers across Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Our vision

MA cool comfort focus on customer satisfaction, and our specialists arrive on time to solve customers’ problems. Our dedicated team of technicians always moves the extra mile to satisfy customers. In addition, we help customers maintain refrigerators and AC in proper condition in a cost-effective manner.

MA cool comfort launched the business in 2006 as a standard repair and service centre with a single entrepreneur. With hard work and dedication, the company received exceptional results. The demand for MA cool comfort escalated, and hence launched an online presence in 2013 in collaboration with quicker, Sulekha, just dial, and Olx. Again, with seven years of dedication, the company had two entrepreneurs.

By burning the candle at both ends, MA cool comfort reached a successful position serving abundant customers across Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The company has 20 members and work as a team which indicates commitment and quality service. MA cool comfort are also trusted and verified by Just dial, with an excellent rating in Hyderabad and Kondapur branch areas.


Our Specialists

 We own an exceptional and dedicated team that handles all refrigeration and AC repairs and services of customers. Take a glimpse at our operations and services.

For customers who purchase new AC and look for the best installers, MA cool comfort are the best choice. We have a technical team that is well-trained in AC installations. The crew members are experts in perfectly installing all brands of AC. The team listens to the customers and also suggests ideas regarding AC installations. After obtaining a green flag from the customer, the team completes AC installation on the same day.

With the hot season approaching, split AC’s have high sales for residential and commercial use. The split AC has an outdoor and indoor unit and needs attention while installing. Customers looking for reliable AC installers do not hesitate to call MA cool comfort for split AC installation.


For minor or major issues with split AC, always seek the help of professionals as they are trained and experienced in split AC repair services. For customers facing split AC issues, call MA cool comforts for immediate attention and solution.

MA cool comforts handle all types of refrigeration and freezer repairs. Such repairs hinder the daily routine of home and business, and hence our team heads to the site without delay. They offer an immediate solution and make sure the customers are satisfied.

Deep freezers play a prominent role in commercial and industrial settings in maintaining food’s excellent texture, freshness, and nutritional value for more extended periods.

Commercial refrigerators play a significant role in restaurants, food industries, cafes, hotels, bakeries, and more food outlets. These refrigerators run throughout the year and hence pause and break down at times. Therefore, maintaining and servicing them appropriately is vital.

Brands we serve

We at MA Cool comfort are professional AC repair and appliances and take pride in repairing and servicing all brands of AC. We burst out with pride as we hold the best professional team with in-depth expertise in handling all brands of AC’s out in the market. We offer affordable and quality services on brands like

Our intention and goal are to provide high-level professional service. We follow complete advanced technology for servicing and repairs.

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Make your days cool without interruption by associating with MA Cool comfort for the proper functioning of AC units. We ensure good repair and service to all our clients across Hyderabad. We render extraordinary service and go the extra mile to satisfy customers. Add us to your contacts for immediate assistance.