6 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water and Not Cooling

Air conditioners stay an indispensable part of the home during the summer months. They make summer months heaven with chilled air indoors. Any malfunction in the AC is the biggest annoyance for any individual. In that way, air conditions that leak water leads to a lesser cooling effect. The above is a common complaint every AC faces, especially during the summer months when high usage. Why don’t we dig in deep and know the reasons for AC Leaking Water and less cooling effect?

Why and how does water leak happen, and what ways to fix them?

All latest air conditioners possess an indoor and outdoor unit. The inside unit holds the evaporator coils that function in cooling the warm air that flows towards it, making room temperature cool. The process of condensation initiates as hot air blows towards the coils. The above is similar to water droplet formation over a glass of cold water.

The same process takes place here. The moisture develops and drips slowly into the drain pan navigating to the condensate drain line. The above specific line leads outside the room, and hence there isn’t any water leakage into the house. But at times, water leakage happens inside the home, and there’s nothing to fear. Please look at the multiple reasons for the Ac Leaking water and ways to fix it.

6 Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Leakage and less cooling:

  1. Unclean AC filter: The air filter plays a significant part in all AC as it filters away dirt and dust and routes in fresh and clean air. Hence a periodic check-up and cleaning of AC filters are essential. Remember that a clogged or dirty filter leads to the freezing of evaporator coils which further worsens the situation by water leakage indoors.
  1. Condensate tray damaged: The main duty of the condensate tray is gathering condensed water. With a damaged, broken, or rusted tray, there is water seepage causing a leak into the room. Hence inspecting the condensate tray helps you know the water leakage reason.
  1. Low refrigerant: A good amount of refrigerant inside the air conditioner cools the whole room. The AC pressure drops as the refrigerant declines, leading to the freezing of evaporator coils, which seep water into the room. Henceforth eyeing the refrigerant levels at times averts water leakage with low refrigerant.
  1. Drain line blocked: The function of the drainpipe is to carry water outside the unit. In the case of blocks in the drainpipe, water amasses and starts dripping from the AC’s body. Therefore, examining the drain pipes for blocks is another key reason for water leakage.
  1. Incorrect installation: Whether it’s a brand new AC from the showroom or right at your place from the service centre, glimpse through the installation and make sure it’s perfect. Do you know that faulty or inappropriate AC installation results in water leakage? The presence of space between the condensate tray and the unit or uncovered drain pipes are signs that lead to water leakage into the room. Therefore, careful and accurate AC installation is essential.
  1. Damaged/rusted condensate tray: Air conditions that run for 12 to 15 years could probably owe rusted or damaged condensate trays. Such scenarios lead to water leakage. So, replacing rusted or damages condensate trays works wonders by averting water leakage.

A few other reasons that cause AC Leaking water include:

  • Broken condenser pump.
  • Frozen evaporator coils.
  • Cool outdoor temperature.
  • Disconnected drain line.
  • Broken condensate pump.
  • Condensation build-up.
  • Refrigerant leaks.

Bid farewell to AC leaks inside the house by detecting them early and collaborating with the best air conditioner pioneers.

How much water does an air conditioner drain?

Any air conditioner drains the water naturally, which pulls out the home’s humidity. Usually, about 5 to 20 gallons of water per day is expected. A very dry climate may not render such capacity of water. Moreover, too much water draining inside the room may also be an issue, as discussed above. Hence, taking a look into the various hassles about water leakage in the air conditioner is essential.


Air conditioners dripping water indoors could be unsettling, leading to a puddle of water, making the home messy. The above issue results in dreaded and costly repairs. Hence, associating with MA cool comforts for AC water leakage issues helps customers immediately eliminate the issue. Moreover, MA cool comforts put their best efforts into solving all types of AC issues. Call us immediately for quick solutions for all your air condition issues.