Best Air Conditioning Services in Hyderabad

The air conditioner plays a crucial role in comforting you and your family members with fresh, cool air. It’s a cool life if your air conditioner renders the best possible service. At times, problems arise, leading to AC failure. In such scenarios, addressing the AC issues well in advance reduces repair costs and saves you few bugs. In that manner, MA cool comforts Hyderabad plays a tremendous role in AC repair for clients across Hyderabad.

The arid climate of Hyderabad with dry and hot days makes AC a mandatory requirement in homes and offices. AC breakdown is unavoidable due to continuous use that keeps people restful. In such situations, our expert MA cool comforts team offers a helping hand in solving ac instantly without interrupting customer’s schedules. A single call with details is sample, which brings AC technicians to your doorstep for repairs. We are leaders and serve a massive number of customers across Hyderabad, and the number of customers we serve portrays our success and quality of work. 

Service We Offer

MA cool comforts have the best technicians who work with all types of AC. Our technicians are well-trained in handling the latest air conditioners. Let us glimpse through the issues and Ac service for different AC types.

Split AC Repair Service

We specializes in repairing split AC units. Our team of skilled technicians uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure your AC unit is working at its best. Trust us to provide reliable and efficient AC repair services in hyderabad 


Window AC Repair Service

We offer window air conditioner repair services to fix any issues with your unit. Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and repairing all types of window ACs, so you can enjoy cool air in no time.



Cassette ac repair services

Cassette AC Repair Service

MA cool comforts technicians are professionally trained in handling cassette AC and work on any issues perfectly. They make sure to restore the working place to normal condition with instant repair services. Never forget to call us for your AC hassles at commercial spaces.


AC Repair Service

Ensure your air conditioner is running smoothly with the help of certified technicians. Our team of experts can service all brands and types of air conditioners, so you can relax and enjoy the refreshing cool air.



Air Conditioner Maintenance

Get the most favorable offer for the maintenance of your air conditioner here. Reach out to our service and schedule an appointment for the maintenance of your AC system.



Air Conditioner Gas Filling

Get top-notch AC gas filling services by booking with our ma cool comfort. Our skilled technicians will deliver a world-class experience. Contact us now to schedule your AC gas filling.



Air Handling Unit (AHU) repair service

The air handling units are the latest piece of equipment that is used in internal structure. The AHU is the central part of AC. just a call to MA cool comforts is ample as we take care of the rest. Our team inspects the AHU and detects the issue perfectly. Our expert technicians work on the unit within minutes and solve your AHU repairs.


Central ac repair service

Central AC repair service

The usual hassles with central AC are starting issues, thermostat problems, clogged air ducts, filter issues, leaks, noise, drainage issues, frozen evaporator coil, and more. Whatever may be the issue, MA cool comforts make your life cool by solving any major technical hassle within minutes. We have the best and most trained experts in handling central AC  in Hyderabad.


Gas Top-up

For proper functioning of the air conditioner, refrigerant is essential. Without refrigerant, the AC circulates hot air inside. Hence periodic gas top-up with MA cool comforts is a better choice for instant cooling without hassles.


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    We value your trust, so we make sure that our parts are in line with high-quality standards.

    If such a situation arises, the professionals at MA Cool will assist you in scheduling a separate AC service appointment, or they may ask you to add it to the current booking.


    Yes, before starting the service, the professionals check for gas leaks and perform pressure checks. They also inspect for cooling and pipeline leaks.


    Our Customer's Reviews

    4.9 star rating

    Service was on time, clean, and genuine.

    Response time was quick and efficient.

    The cost was absolutely reasonable.

    The top level of service has satisfied me.

    I’ll definitely advise others to hire Best Ac Repair service in hyderabad

    My LG window A/C wasn’t able to keep the room cold. So, after looking through the reviews, I came up this number online and decided to give it a try. The technician solved the problem the same day I called. The assistance was immediate and efficient. Excellent service.

    When we needed AC repairs in Hyderabad, i called these people. got our split air conditioners an annual maintenance contract. Their AC technicians were efficient and polite while working by AC AMC. It is advised that you obtain an annual maintenance contract (AMC) for your air conditioner from Hyderabad AC Services.

    Team at ma cool comforts refrigeration is always great at getting a technician out to fix my Refrigerator. They are an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to diagnosing and repairing Refrigerator repair. I would strongly advise you to use this company. They are extremely dependable and trustworthy. Many companies have serviced my commercial equipment. I’m so glad I discovered them. I don’t use anyone else anymore. This company’s employees are all fantastic.

    Lalitkishore Sinha

    On just a message person came our place and did inspection and serviced the Refrigerator Fridge
    I was surprised to see the person so soon for a service
    I wish him good luck for history business and I highly recommend you all
    Happy with the service

    Good to the service provided with such a professional engineers. I got refrigerator and then wash machine repaired. That perfect and speedy approach was too much appreciable. Keep up the good work. 10 stars 🌟 rated.

    Riad Imad

    I m fully satisfied for refrigerator repair service , ma cool comforts – Ac & Refrigerator repair Hyderabad give me a 1 year warranty in compressor, Nice service and spare parts are genuine


    AC Repair Services Charges in Hyderabad

    Service Type Gas Charging & RefillingAC InstallationAnti Rust Deep Clean AC Service
    Split ACRs-2199/-Rs.1499/-Rs.399/-
    Window Ac Rs-1599/-Rs.1199/-Rs.399/-
    AC Repair ServicesRs-400/-

    Rs. 499/-Rs.399/-

    How we work?

    Customers are delighted with the way we work for the simplicity in filing complaints and instant repair services offered. At hassles with any type or brand of AC, customers can run through our website and call us for immediate assistance. The other way is by filling in the details online, and we reach the customers immediately. MA cool comforts emphasize customer satisfaction and places customers in the first place. Hence we arrive at customers place instantly after complaints to solve them.

    Why MA Cool Comforts

    By associating with MA cool comforts, AC Repair experts arrive at the location immediately after customers file a complaint. Our technical team arrives at your place, analyses the AC, and works according to customer’s preferences, needs, and budgets. We aim for customer satisfaction, which is our primary goal, and go the extra mile for it. MA cool comforts handle all types and brands of AC and hold vast experience in AC repairs in Hyderabad. Clients of Hyderabad are lucky to have such brilliant technicians capable of handling all issues easily. By collaborating with us, customers need not wait for AC technicians to arrive, as we are quick as a flash in our work.

    Door Step AC Service Center In Hyderabad

    Macool Comforts air-conditions is a prominent air conditioning specialising in AC repair, installation, and other related services. With over 15 years of combined experience in HVAC, it is one of the field’s most skilled and certified companies. Their team comprises highly trained and certified technicians who can handle all types of ACs, regardless of their make and model. Additionally, we offer services such as duct cleaning, concealed copper piping, refrigerant replacement, compressor replacement, AC AMC, and much more.

    Our primary objective is to deliver excellent door-to-door service for AC repair. We understand that a broken AC can be a major inconvenience, and thus strive to provide prompt and efficient solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of services, ensuring we can handle all AC repair needs.

    Hiring A Professional To Repair Your Air Conditioner

    Skilled and experienced technicians:
    People that need AC  have to hire qualified technicians who are constantly trained and up-to-date with the latest models of air conditioners. In addition, well-trained technicians will ensure every precaution when repairing an air conditioner.

    AC installation without a warranty:
    A manufacturer’s warranty covers every new AC for a predetermined period. However, the warranty can be cancelled if the AC sustains any physical or mechanical damage during installation. The warranty guidelines are well understood by technicians who take extra care when installing or uninstalling ACs.

    Efficient energy use:
    If an air conditioner is not correctly repaired, it can be prone to leakage, which will increase the cut-off time. The unit will continue to work for hours to maintain the desired temperature. The compressor consumes more electricity if it runs longer without tripping. To ensure that the AC is running efficiently, technicians must inspect the unit for any air leaks or unusual sounds after it has been installed.

    Brands we serve

    MA cool comforts are leaders in AC & across Hyderabad serving customers for several years. Happy customers get back to us for any suggestion, advice, or idea regarding AC. Our AC technicians put their best effort into AC Repair in Hyderabad and ensure customer’s queries are solved. We handle all brands of AC such as

    We deliver extraordinary ac  services and amaze customers with our professionalism. Hence collaborating with us credits the customers in several ways.

    Looking for AC Repair?

    MA cool comforts help in making customer’s lifestyles cool and comfortable without interruptions with AC. Our glowing experience portrays our quality of work, and hence customers trust us for AC repairs in Hyderabad. We are professionals, insured, and licensed and hence hold hands with us to make happy living with the best AC’s.


    MA Cool Comforts specializes in AC repair of almost all residential and commercial brands out of which few to name are Lg, Samsung, LLOYED,  Daikin, Voltas, Whirlpool, onida, carrier etc…, and many more. Our skilled technicians are a pro in handling all AC related problems and provide immediate resolution.

    Yes and we assure that the best accessories will be replaced in such a scenario. In case of minor issues after proper inspection by our technicians, only a fix is applied on the AC unit to make it function normally.

    Warranty is covered under AC installation and is taken care by the technicians during the repair process. Our technicians have the thorough knowledge about the warranty guidelines and charge you accordingly.

    Although, our team of experts have the right knowledge and experience in some worst cases they might not be able to find the actual cause of the repair to provide a permanent solution for your problem. Therefore, they will inform the customers, request for additional time, and escalate the problem to the company management to look into any alternate solution.

    It depends on the performance and usage of your AC unit. However, it is advised to get it serviced at least once in a year to escape potential damage and enjoy durability of the machine. You can plan it before or after summer, because the unit tends to get overheated which may lead to malfunctioning of the system.

    You can search for best ac service providers in Hyderabad on Google mentioning your area to find out outstanding ac technicians to service you at your doorstep. The best way to select one reliable provider among multiple service providers is by choosing the one with high rating on the internet and good reviews.

    The AMC plan is highly beneficial for customers as it covers an additional warranty and saves the ac cleaning and servicing charges each time. It actually improves the performance of the AC unit with regular intervals inspections and deep cleaning services. In addition, the package is nominal and a written agreement is given to customer so that they can escape from any additional maintenance costs from the service provider.

    Yes, our technicians are available round the clock to service at your doorstep and provide any immediate assistance. As a first initiate, our assistants will call you on the registered number to find out your convenient time to provide services and they cater to all the needs of your residential AC units.

    Yes, The professionals will bring all the tools necessary for the Ac Repair.


    AC gas filling rate in the market is from 2000 onwards. To know the rates for ac gas filling at MA Cool Comforts get in touch with our support team to find out the expenses.

    • Split AC
    • Window AC
    • Inverter AC
    • non-inverter AC
    • Air Handling Unit (AHU) repair service ​
    • Window AC Repair Service
    • Cassette AC Repair Service
    • Central AC repair service

    The cost of AC service in Hyderabad can vary depending on the specific problem and services required. To receive precise quotes from our skilled ma cool experts, please get in touch with us. You can also call to this number 9705097000 approximate for AC service charges

    • AC Repair & Service (Per visit Inspection charge) – Rs.250 onwards
    • Split AC Repair & Service – Rs1499 onwards
    • Window AC Repair and Service & installation – Rs.1190 onwards
    • AC Installation – Rs.1199 onwards