What is the Best Temperature for AC | Air Conditioners

AC has become indispensable unit in every home these days with the prevailing hotness in India. However, setting the air cooler at optimum temperature is crucial for the safety of the family members as well as saving up on your bills. The Department of Energy recommends setting up the temperature anywhere between 72 and 78 degrees to manage the scorching heat outside the home. Running the unit below 72 degrees can cause malfunctioning of your AC unit with the highest risk of freezing the evaporator oil.

Let us look into some intuitive ways to keep your home cool during summer by either using or not using your AC.


1. Get a Tunable Thermostat

A thermostat can help in high energy saving and an affordable method as well. All you have to do is keep your AC unit on, set it to maximum temperature before leaving home, and tune to the minimum temperature when you are back home.


2. Use a Fan Smartly and other Natural Solutions

Fans can be helpful in controlling the temperature in different parts of the home with a simultaneously functioning air conditioner. You can set up a fan to produce cold air from the ground floor and let it travel to the top floors. This can help supply warm air to other areas of the home to aid in enhanced circulation.

  1.  Keep the windows closed during day to prevent external heat from entering the home.
  2. Avoid adapting heat-generating equipment like oven, hair dryers at home during daytime.
  3. Shut down AC during nights and keep the windows open to keep the home cool naturally.


3. Escape from the Humidity

Switching on the AC unit can keep the humidity levels controlled by circulating even amount of air throughout the home. Using the unit regularly can promise lower humidity levels when compared to the external environment.


4. Avoid Tuning the Thermostat Too Frequently

You might want to increase the ac temperature by few degrees after doing hard-core household activities or after a tiresome work outdoor. Do not go and immediately tune up the AC temperature for cold air. Instead, splash some cold water on your face and wait for the sweat to evaporate. This way you can avoid putting added pressure to your AC unit and save the utility bills.


5. Perform a Periodic Maintenance Check on your AC

A well-serviced AC lasts longer than less maintained ones and delivers a great performance. For best repair services, contact MA cool comforts Company in Hyderabad catering to all your repair needs especially on time. Cleaning or replacing the air filter regularly is an important phase of maintenance to avoid unnecessary breakouts in the future.


1. Cleaning the outdoor coil

A nasty outdoor coil reduces the performance by preventing adequate airflow and heat required for flawless cooling of the system.


2. Cleaning the evaporator coil

The same rule like above applies for the evaporator coil affecting the performance of the machine thereby leading to more expenditure. Also, it can lead to the accumulation of more dust and bacteria that will affect the working of the system.


3. Checking the refrigerant levels

This is important as low refrigerant levels can affect the cooling ability of the system.


4. Cleaning and adjusting blower components

A well serviced blower supplies indoor air through the machine and transforms cool air back to home. On the other hand, a badly maintained blower can incur more cost and energy leading to a huge loss for the owner.


What is the ideal temperature for AC in summer?


In summer, people tend to switch on the AC more frequently and set it at high temperature to beat the heat. Then you end up paying huge eb bills that costs all your savings and you look for alternatives to strike a perfect balance between money and sophistication.

Start by setting the temperature around 78 degrees when you are at home to save an extra amount of energy. If you encounter the environment as too cool, then reduce it by one or two degrees to feel the warmth. Follow this method and reduce the temperature gradually until everyone at home is feeling comfortable.

What is the Best Temperature for AC for nights?

Although 78 degrees is said to be the optimum temperature for power saving and enhanced comfort it is not advisable at nights. It is also proved that extreme temperatures at night can result in a disturbed sleep affecting the next day’s productivity. A general advice is to keep the temperature between 60 and 67 degrees for an uninterrupted sleep.

The best solution is to adapt a programmable thermostat that you can pre-set to adjust the temperature during times you fall asleep. If it is feasible, consider opening few windows in the nights to allow fresh air enter your home. However, keep it close din the mornings to prevent the cool air from escaping outside. All these conditions are applicable only for adults. If you have infants and children at home, keep them in mind and set the temperature relatively high to avoid suffocation and for a sound sleep.



Repair and maintenance of AC is very important for improved stability and endurance of the system. Contact experts at My Cool Comforts to get it serviced on time, as our team of professionals are available at your convenience. We take pride in informing you that our technicians are experienced enough to handle all types of AC repair services.

It is essential to set the right temperature for your AC to avoid any minor failures by following the safety precautions suggested by our technicians. Have a brief discussion and ask for a demo if required to operate the AC unit at ease. Contact us right away for all your enquiries and we will be back with the answers.