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 MA cool comforts follow a unique philosophy of dedicating its talent to customers across Hyderabad in appliance repairs and services. We aim at offering the best services for enhancing the lives of customers. Our thinking revolves around customers, and we go the extra mile to provide optimum solutions for customers for leading better lives. Ma cool comforts have been offering customer-friendly services by respecting, valuing, and empowering every customer.

Our Services

Appliances are essential in our daily lives. They make our lives easier and more comfortable. However, it isn’t easy to live without an air conditioner, refrigerator, water cooler, commercial & vertical refrigerator, deep or display freezer, etc. They have now become constant companions in our lives. When an appliance stops working, it can hurt our daily lives and make us feel uneasy. Macool Comforts is committed to keeping you comfortable. These appliances are also available for hassle-free, low-cost repairs at your home.

AC Installation

MA cool comforts render genuine, professional AC installation services regardless of the brand. We assist customers in leading a happier and healthier life with instant AC installations. Our motto is maximizing the convenience of customers, and hence we keep customers in the loop regarding AC installations. The best part is that we work on the scheduled time

AC Repair

The air conditioner does the vital chore of making the family members relaxed and happy indoors. At times of AC breakdown, it’s frustrating and expensive too. MA cool comforts serve as a helping hand serving several customers across Hyderabad with instant AC repairs at pocket-friendly charges. We focus on keeping customers delighted with healthy air around without hassles.

Tower AC Repair

Services Tower AC’s are also often referred to as cooling towers. This is because they are the devices that become important when there is a need to circulate high volumes of air in large areas such as gyms, meeting rooms, and most of the hotel banquets. Therefore, one of the most important criteria for the Tower AC is the efficiency of cooling, which also remains a critical parameter.

Refrigerator Repair

MA cool comforts have the best technicians well-versed in handling all brands of refrigerators. The best facet about our technicians is that they spot the real reason for refrigerator failure and solve it immediately by analysing the faults. They possess special training and have intense knowledge of repairs. They work with handy tools ready without interfering with the customers and ensure to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Deep Freezer Repair

With ample varieties of deep freezers available in the market, the best deep freezer repair services aren’t many. In that case, MA cool comforts hold talented technicians. Whether it's deep drawer, deep chest freezer, upright deep or portable deep freezer, our technicians do it with their eyes shut. We handle all issues related to deep freezers such as lack of cooling, ice build-up, sparks inside the freezer, door not working, etc.

Display Freezer Repair

For customers having malfunctioning and repaired display freezers, it’s the right time to call MA cool comforts. The exceptional technicians are certified and trained in repairing display freezers. They are pioneers in finding the actual fault and rectifying the display freezers in minutes. Our experts know all the ins and outs of display freezers and easily handle every issue with the freezer and having years of experience makes the repair session effortless.

Visi Cooler Repair

Visi coolers are cool to look at as they display the products and chill them too. The visibility and super cool features boost sales in any food outlet. While visi coolers indulge in repairs, we know it hinders sales, so our professional team attends to such issues without delay. For immediate response and instant solutions, call MA cool comforts for visi cooler repairs. We have good years of experience in repairing visi coolers across Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Water Cooler Repair

For obtaining a one-stop solution for all types and brands of water cooler repairs, MA cool comforts are the ideal choice. We handle all water cooler repairs impeccably as we have the best-trained professionals. Our repair services are affordable and quick, exceeding the expectation of the customers. With in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge, MA cool experts do wonders in water cooler repairs. We have the best technical, well-trained and experienced team.

Cold Room Repair

The cold rooms in warehouses are vital as they maintain vegetables, fruits, meat, and flowers fresh for delivery. Many businesses run in profit with such cold rooms. During cold room repairs, it’s worrying as the entire business may ruin. Associate with MA cool comforts as our services reach the site within minutes of the complaint. We know the importance of companies and customers, and hence we take complete responsibility for setting things right.

Vertical Refrigerator Repair

The workhorse in any home is none other than the refrigerator, and when it breaks down, it’s a trouble for all homemakers. MA cool comforts understand the hassles family members face and hence offer immediate solutions for vertical refrigerators issues. If refrigerators leak, make loud noises, do not cool, or freeze too much, call MA cool comforts as our technicians take over the issue.

Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Whether it's a food outlet, school, or restaurant, commercial refrigerators pop up with repairs after a long period of working. In such scenarios, a trustworthy professional service helps overcome the repairs in a commercial refrigerator. MA cool comforts are always ready to hold hands for commercial refrigerator repairs across Hyderabad. MA cool has superior technicians to handle any issues with commercial fridges.

Commercial Freezer Repair

A commercial deep Freezer plays a crucial role in the food industry in maintaining fresh and fantastic food. As repairs break out, restaurants, bars, food industry suffer a significant loss. For expert commercial deep Freezer repairs, ring MA cool comforts as they possess years of experience in commercial deep Freezer repairs. They have the best solution for all commercial deep fridge repairs.

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    Our Specialized Technicians

    MA cool comforts are the only solution for a broad range of appliance repairs, . We hold a bunch of well-trained and intelligent professional experts in every sector of repair and services. Our technicians have decades of experience in handling all appliances, and the best part is that our services and repairs satisfy every customer we take. We only have happy  customers We are the appliance repair company You can trust us to fix any problem with your household appliances.

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose us

    Our mission at MA cool comforts is to provide immediate and best solutions for all customer needs and delighting them. Our unlimited passion for technology, repairs, and services drives us to satisfy customers by instantly solving their hindrances. MA cool comforts take every appointment more than the job and work with dedication, hard work. 


    MA cool comforts have proficient technicians well-versed in handling all brands of appliances. Moreover, our mechanics portray the best skills in all brands such as Daikin, LG, Voltas, Samsung, and Blue star. We astonish customers with our professional work handling all brands of appliances. 


    Devi Priya
    Devi Priya
    Service is good and the mechanic was cooperative and has good knowledge about service. Over all good. Done videocon side by side fridge repair done
    akshaya pandia
    akshaya pandia
    The installation of the Split AC was completed on the following two days smoothly. They made sure to discuss with us in detail about where to hang the cooling unit in each room and how the pipes would be set up around the house. We felt very at ease throughout the entire process because of the prompt feedback & professionalism. I'm very happy with service & reasonably priced highly recommend them to everyone.
    Madhan just madhan
    Madhan just madhan
    AC maintenance was great. The technician arrived on time for the appointment. He was certeous and kept me informed of what he was doing. Once completed he showed me his ac work. I recommend this company for your a/c service needs. Thanks ma cool comforts
    Shekar Chary
    Shekar Chary
    vertical freezer repair done in hyderabad
    Pavan chary
    Pavan chary
    Cell frost refrigerator repair done in Hyderabad
    Surya Meenakshi Jaddu
    Surya Meenakshi Jaddu
    Great service
    Azeezur Rahman
    Azeezur Rahman
    I found them really professional, they went over and beyond. Highly recommended. I have already shared their details on groups. I called them for AC installation and i am happy with the experience and their help.
    md akram
    md akram
    Well experienced & full knowledge of Troubleshoot of AC's. Highly recommended for all your AC related Work, They have all the 2 needs of Customers Sales, Service & Support. 👍
    Mahesh Endla
    Mahesh Endla
    Commercial freezer repair done. Thank you ma cool comforts
    Abhilash Reddy
    Abhilash Reddy
    Commercial freezer repair done

    Brands we serve

    We at MA Cool comfort are professional Refrigerator repair & AC Repair and appliances and take pride in repairing and servicing all brands of AC. We burst out with pride as we hold the best professional team with in-depth expertise in handling all brands of AC’s out in the market. We offer affordable and quality services on brands like

    Our intention and goal are to provide high-level professional service. We follow complete advanced technology for servicing and repairs.

    Book an Appointment

    Booking an appointment with MA cool comforts is a cakewalk with technology in hand these days. Visit our website and fill the online form with your details or contact us through our contact number. However, our technicians contact the customers through the above information and fix a convenient time. 


    1. How do I book a complaint about AC repair with MA cool comforts?

    Booking an appointment with MA cool comforts is simple by contacting through phone or filling the online form with necessary details online.

    2. Would MA cool comforts respond immediately, or must we wait?

    MA cool comforts do not make customers wait. Customers are called back immediately after booking an appointment.

    3. Is the cost for installations and services high at MA cool comforts?

    No, MA cool comforts offer services at a very affordable rate.

    4. How fast is your service on appliances?

    We provide instant and best solutions for all repairs. Only a few appliances that require parts replacement may take a day or two.

    5. Do you accept online payments?

    Yes, we accept online payments too.

    6. Are all technicians professionals?

    Yes, all our mechanics and technicians have been specialized in courses for appliance repairs and services.

    7. Will the technicians state to us the issue with the appliance?

    Yes, the technicians spot the issue in the appliance, explain the complete fault to the customers with a reason for appliance failure, and mention the way he would solve it.

    8. Do you provide a guarantee for replacing parts in appliances?

    Yes, we replace it with high-quality manufactured parts and also provide a guarantee for it.